Company - Parrino Coal

short history of our company

The Parrino Coral is the realization of a project, of a dream, of a passion started in the years 70/80 by Michele Parrino who since then has dedicated himself to the processing of coral in Torre del Greco with sacrifice and dedication.

Passion passed on to his son Pietro who, with the support of his talented collaborators, commits himself to giving rise to a product of excellent quality.

Its business activity is based on the purchase of the best raw corals fished around the world always according to international regulations and according to an eco-sustainable policy, working them according to ancient techniques and creating the most varied forms, according to the tastes and needs of an increasingly wider and more international clientele.

Il Corallo represents the excellence of the city of Torre del Greco, especially the Red Coral, also known as Corallo rubrium, whose charm has always been known.

He has been recognized magical powers and healing properties since the time of Ancient Rome. There is no shortage of his representations in works of art of great value.

And at the end of the eighteenth century the town of Torrese has linked its name to the processing of the Coral, thanks to the flourishing fishing activity leading it to become the Coral World Capital.

Torre del greco Coral Manufactory